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Quick News

Working on The New Magazine Spread This Week

I’m working on a magazine spread for the ART 292-40H Computerized Graphic Design II class. Bon Appetit is the magazine that I was instructed to use as inspiration so hopefully everything looks clean and professional.

Information About Bon Appetit
Bon Appétit is an American food and entertaining magazine published monthly. It was started by M.


Logo Construction

14th April 2015 By admin

So as I worked on the logo design for Zero, I researched what makes logos what they are and what makes them stand out. I found information about logo design that helped me create a high-quality logo that stands out from the crowd.

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The Beginning of Something Speacial

10th April 2015 By admin

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. If I remember correctly, its been about 11 years, give or take 1 or 2. I need to lay off the partying;-0  Since then, so much has changed.

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Working on The New Magazine Spread

31st March 2015 By admin

I’m working on a magazine spread for ART 292-40H Computerized Graphic Design II. The magazine I’m going to be using is the Bon Appetit.

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