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As a digital artist, I craft logos, print designs, and digital graphics. The books and magazines that I read inspire me to make unique designs that generally are pleasing to the view’s eyes. Above all, I consider myself to be a graphic designer. This is because most of my work consists of designing business cards, logos, posters, t-shirts and more of the same. My designs are custom, meaning everything that I craft is made unique. A good example of my work is the Paper Mountain logo, which was the result of some creative brainstorming and experimentation.

The logo’s icon visually combines both keywords together, in a simple but meaningful way. In similar fashion, all of my logo designs share this simple visual construct. This is by design because it helps logo appear more legible while simultaneously possessive a memorable look. In this portfolio, you will see some of my favorite projects that I have created over the years. By the time you finish looking at this portfolio I hope you get a better understanding of what I love to do. Thank you.