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The Beginning of Something Speacial

On 10, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In Business, Company News, Personal | By admin

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. If I remember correctly, its been about 11 years, give or take 1 or 2. I need to lay off the partying;-0  Since then, so much has changed.

Now a days, I’ve been attending college. In fact, I’m about to graduate in just about a month’s time. When I look back on it all, I feel like I made one of the best decisions ever. It was a hard road. No seriously, s$#t was hard. Getting in and staying in college has been one of the most difficult, long term investments, that I’ve undertaken since attending public school, which is a nightmare tail for another time. Through the cliché-ish but real blood sweet and tears, and through mental and financial depressions I can truly say, I earned this degree. The sacrifices that I have made have proven worthily of the time and effort needed. 

Thomas Nelson has been good to me overall, and I have so many people to thank for encouraging me to expand me education to new highs. Yes, I’m about to thank some people so deal with it. First, I would like to thank my mother, for basically demanding that I either get a job or go to college. Thanks mom. Love you. Next, I would like to thank my buddy Antwan Ford’s mother. She came all the way from Tennessee (by way of Chicago) to verbally abuse me about quote “getting my s*%t together.” I can’t make this up people, she really did. I also want to thank TNCC staff for always having something encouraging to say. You guys aren’t being payed enough. Last one folks. The last one goes to my classmates.  I’ve bonded with you all better than I could’ve ever imagined. Assignment after assignment we helped one another learn techniques and troubleshoot errors together. When instructors couldn’t help, we help one another. That dynamic is rarely see in college. We laughed, studied, and worked side by side throughout each semester. And for that, I am grateful to have known each and every one of you.  

Last Words: I know I was suppose to mainly talk about this blog, but without these people that I thanked, there would be on blog. 

I’m going to end the one on a high note by saying thank you for coming to my site (tell your friends) and stand toned. There’s much more coming in the future. I’m out.

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