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Smartphone Usage in America Poster

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By admin

On 16, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In | By admin

Smartphone Usage in America Poster

Concept Statement:

The concept of the infographic Smartphone Usage In America is based on modern flat style of websites such as

Description of Project:

The goal of this project is to compose a infographic that utilizes the popular type of design known as Flat Style. The infographic consists of five section, each with a specific task of providing vital information.


In the infancy of this project, research had to be conducted to get an understanding of the design possibilities ahead. The data gathered from reliable research organizations was sorted through to inshore the information was usable. I gathered a small list of data that was comparable with my main topic. It also had to be effective at attracting attention.

After collecting the data that will be used in the infographic, I began to reach possible design styles that could work well with the topic. When the reach was done I decided to use the style know as Flat design to illustrate the infographic. Flat design is used in many smartphone user interface designs so it only made sense to use it in my infographic.

The color palette consisted of about 7 colors which paired well with one another. Together, these colors gave the infographic a Midnight Moody sort of looks. Because most of the colors were dark, the lighter color in the palette stood out, making it perfect to use on the text.

For the font, I choose to use Myriad Pro because of its versatility and legibility. Because of its wide range of useful weights, creating variety within this sections of text was efficient. It also allowed me to focus more on creating the icons and other graphics which I used in the illustration of my infographics.


Description of Composition:

The iPhone vector in the second section is the main focus point of my infographics. The white of its frame contrasts strongly on the dark background. It also takes up almost a 1/4 of the infographic, dominating everything else. This was necessary because the main graph was placed on the screen. This was also helpful in creating a hierarchy in the piece by appearing large than other elements. I also used font sizes and weights to achieve the necessary hierarchy that was needed.

The infographic overall relied heavily on color, shape, negative space, and the flat style to create a consistent and compatible design. Unity comes from using a strict color group for the entire composition. This way everything looked like it belong together and none of the other graphics appeared overpowering. However, the headline was intentionally emphasized to appear noticeable to viewers over the other elements in the piece. This was done simply because the title is the most important.


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