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The American Theatre Project

On 16, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In | By admin

The American Theatre Project

This was a project created in the fall of 2014 for the Art 291 class at Thomas Nelson. The project was simply to redesign the preexisting brochure to give the brand a fresh new look. In the end, the final results of this redesign can out pretty good.




ART 291 Computerized Graphic Design I
Fall 2014

Project Title: The American Theatre

Concept Statement:
The goal of this project is to create a  brochure that is both modern and legible while maintaining a strong visual presence.

Description of Project:
For this project, my goal is to create a design that makes sense to readers and falls in line with The American Theatre’s appeal. I want to capture the feel of going to such a prestigious entertainment powerhouse, by doing so within my brochure’s design.


To begin with, I created a simple but effective visional centerpiece to represent interpretation, which was an inkblot. This is the second most important part of the cover so I had to be sure it worked well. To do so, I did research to make sure that my idea would connect with viewers is represent the meaning of the book properly and effectively. With about 10 to 15 minute of Google searching and book summary reading I designed a butterfly-like inkblot, which I used to help readers thinking about the title.

After finding good placement for the image, I turned my attention to the type. The title is important to naturally I started there. The time period in which the book was published helped me a lot. I’ve seen books covered in gold lettering from that era and that appealed to me, so I quickly decided to use that concept. The color selection for this book cover was gold, black and white. This meant I had to rely heavily on the hierarchy to create variety. So I used size, font families, and color to help visually.
Description of Composition:
Simplicity and white space became important for this book cover. I strategically kept as much white space as possible to aid readers while reading the text. To achieve the visual balance, I placed both text and imagery in an overall even position. The addition of contrast came in the form of bright gold and yellow colors. It also was done by used different sizes in a font family. Unity was straight forward in this book cover. Using only one font on a black textured background really solidified the design. The cover also consisted of repetition but in a good way.

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